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dreximgirl [userpic]
#22 Flame
by dreximgirl (dreximgirl)
at January 10th, 2012 (11:18 pm)

Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
Title: New Traditions
Author: dreximgirl
Theme: #22 Flame
Pairing/Characters:  Rika Sasaki/Yoshiyuki Terada
Rating:  PG (?)
Disclaimer: I own nothing and have neglected this for too long

Tomoyo had suggested the get together on New Years Eve and everybody had readily agreed. Tomoyo had been travelling, for work, through most of Europe for the best part of a year and everybody was eager to see her and hear about her adventures.

She'd started explaining the Finnish tradition not long after midnight and everybody had agreed it would be a perfect ending to the night. Sakura and Syaoran had gone first and then Rika and Yoshiyuki.

Rika watched as the tin horseshoe she held over the flames, from the fire, started to melt. She dragged her gaze away from the small blaze and looked up at Yoshi, he was directly behind her with his hand over hers holding the spoon which contained the melted tin.

"Ready?" he asked then at her nod they moved in unison and tipped the molten metal into the bucket of cold water. 

After a few moments had passed Yoshi reached into the bucket and extracted their fortune. The others gathered round Sakura asking, "What do you think it is?".

"I'm not sure" Rika replied tilting her head, "Yoshi?"

Yoshi considered the cooled lump and turned it this way and that before smiling slowly. "I think" he began, looking directly at Rika, "It looks a little like a baby"

Rika's smile lit her face as she slowly nodded, "I think you might be right" she agreed her eyes never leaving her husbands face.