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K. Tram [userpic]
by K. Tram (akinriahtram)
at August 13th, 2012 (06:07 pm)

Fandom: Naruto
Title: Confession
Author/Artist: akinriahtram
Theme(s): #28 - Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?
Pairing/Characters: SakuraxSasuke
Rating: T / G
Disclaimer: All rights are exclusive to Kishimoto. The author claims nada, except for this sheer nonsense. I’m pretty bad at oneshots.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou?

Giggles resounded from all directions in the courtyard and Sasuke halted in the middle of his step. He resisted the urge to whirl around and wring the neck of the girl who was shamelessly following him from behind and making stupid dorky comments to humiliate him in public.

“What do you think you’re doing, Haruno?” Surprisingly, he found himself calm, especially for a troublesome girl like her with wacky pastel pink hair and large sea of green eyes; it shouldn’t even be legal to have such clashing characteristics.

“Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love. And I'll no longer be a Capulet.”

“I’m not Romeo, Haruno. Now go away.”

“Oh, I’m hurt, Sasuke-kun.” Even without turning around, Sasuke could sense the girl putting a hand over her chest while saying such ridiculous words. Because he was Uchiha Sasuke, he knew that it was all just a facade. After all, it was the girl’s mission to make his life a living hell.

“However can you treat a lady like this? I thought you would knew better.” Oh, did she believe he wouldn’t be able to catch the sarcasm in her voice?

“Stop with your act, Haruno. We all know that you want to burn holes through me.” He stated in a deadpan voice before turning around to the face the girl who was literally half his size. She was good, he’d give her that, but then again, she did make the main cast in the upcoming adapted play of Romeo and Juliet. Fortunately, he wasn’t casted to play the accompanying main role.

Her pink bangs fell just above her eyes and a breath of silence settled in before she made her next attack. “I like you, Sasuke.”

“Now that’s rich, Haruno.” A low timbre laugh resonated from his throat and he felt the urge to snarl something vile at her. “That’s rich. I thought you were better than that.”

He didn’t know why he was so angry at her, but at that moment, rage bubbled in her chest, ready to explode at full blast. It shouldn’t really bother him, but when the confession resonated off her lips, he felt the urge to hit a brick wall.

He always knew that she liked to mess with him, but he didn’t think she would stoop that low to play with his feelings. “If you want to confess, you should do it better next time.”

“Why can’t you take me seriously?” Her small slender hands snaked out and grabbed his arm just as he was about to stalk off.

It took him approximately twenty seconds for him to register the seriousness in her voice. Her green eyes held no mirth of Machiavellian and her galling soprano voice dropped a pitch down to the alto range. It took him another five seconds to recognize that in all, she was not joking.

In all honestly, he just wanted her to break away from that serious face and revert back to the old Haruno that he knew since elementary school. The odd one out that declared him to be her rival over trivial matters such as grades. Sasuke liked to believe that he was perceptive and capable of reading emotions. Apparently, when it came to Haruno, he never knew how to deal with her.

“Don’t you hate--”

“Of course I do! At least I did!” She interrupted swiftly, “I hated you because you’re Sasuke. You, Uchiha Sasuke, came barging into my life and caused everything I strive and planned for to fall apart. I was at the top of the class until you came along. Not only that, our parents knew each other, so the other girls in our class would isolate me since they were jealous. Apparently, I was the only one who was allowed to pass that friendship barrier of yours. especially when you stole away Ino and all my friends away from me. In honestly, I didn’t know what they saw in you! You’re cold, selfish, and an arrogant prick, but-- but you’re patient, and you take all my bashing, and you’re kind in your own way, and... I unwittingly fell for you.”

Sasuke was dumbfounded at the fact that she was crying. No girl had ever confessed to him while crying, and him, being Sasuke, had no idea how to treat a girl when she was crying.

“Of course I don’t want to love you.” She sniffed while wiping away the tears, smudging some of her make-up. “Why can’t I fall for anyone else? Why do you have to be my Romeo?”

And then he remembered. He remembered that one summer afternoon when they were in their third year of middle school, hanging out in her tree house in her backyard, talking about whatever passed their fancy. She was rambling -- or rather ranting about the illogical love between Romeo and Juliet.

He remembered her complaining how fate was cruel to them, and how, because he was Romeo, had inevitably caused Juliet’s misery, ultimately leading to her death.

“I’m not Romeo, Sakura, and aren’t you being biased towards this?”

She looked up at him questioningly.

“Just because he ultimately caused her death and misery, that doesn’t mean she didn’t receive any love. He died in the end.”

“I know. I know how Juliet felt. She’d rather die than live alone, and because you’re my Romeo, I can pretty much predict the ending.” She was realistic and he could easily guess what was running through her head. “However, I’m different from Juliet. I can live without you.”

“Let me ask you something,” It was his turn to grip her arm, as he stared directly into her pools of emerald. “Why am I Romeo?”

“What?” She was taken back at his question and his action.

“Why must I be your Romeo?”

“Because Romeo is a symbol of true love?” Her answer came out like a question, as if she, herself, wasn’t sure of her answer.

“Well, why can’t I be Sasuke? Just Uchiha Sasuke. That way, our ending won’t finish in a tragedy.”

“What?” Sakura’s eyes widened in confusion, not understanding his underlying meanings.

“I’m cold, selfish, and an arrogant prick, but as you said, I’m also patient and I take all my bashing. I’m not Romeo, Sakura. I may be similar to him, but I am definitely not him.”

“So...” She lifted an eyebrow, but his eyes did not move.

"You’re not the only one who fell in love.”